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Solid Steel Handcuff Sliding Double Lock Mechanism

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Solid Steel Handcuff Sliding Double Lock Mechanism


These top-of-the-line Steel Handcuffs with a Sliding Double Lock Mechanism are the ideal restraint for law enforcement personnel and security guards. Made from high quality steel, this handcuff ensures extra durability and reinforcement – so you know your detainee will be securely held in place.
To activate the double lock mechanism with our double security locks, simply take the other side of the key and insert into the hole in the front of restraints and slide it to the left; this prevents handcuffs from being tightened or loosened without deactivating double lock with handcuff key provided by us. As an added bonus, this also helps protect against tampering because it’s virtually impossible for anyone to free themselves without the key, providing ultimate peace of mind.
Our Solid Steel Handcuffs Sliding Double Lock Mechanism comes complete with an extra key and necessary materials to operate it effectively and efficiently. Add this tool to your collection today; perfect for everyday use!

Product Features:
– Weight: 0.70lbs
– Width: 3″ Height: 4 1/4″ Thickness: 3/4″
– Heavy duty construction; stainless steel reinforced for maximum strength
– Equipped with double lock mechanism to prevent tampering and over tightening
– Comes with an extra key
– One size fits most adults
– Lightweight yet robust design ensures comfortability during usage
– Fits most standard handcuff keyholes
– One year warranty

Weight 0.7 lbs


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